For those of you who are looking for an ultimate solution for filleting meat, we have got it all right here. The best electric fillet knife is all the rave these days and they deserve all the praise that they are getting. These knives will make your food preparation process 10 times faster than usual and you can fillet any kind of meat with the wink of an eye. These electric fillet knives are your best pal in the kitchen and an amazing helping hand.

Here we have some detail on what these knives can be used for and what are their benefits. We have also come up with a list of most proficient and top-rated electric knives available in the market. So without further due, let’s get right into the article.

What is the Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife?

Cooking is not just about eating a meal with your loved ones. The fulfillment of having delicious food is somewhat incomplete if you don’t have a fun cooking experience. You obviously cannot enjoy and get full satisfaction of the food you have prepared if the cooking process on itself was troublesome.

While preparing meals, the most time consuming and tricky task is to fillet the fish. It takes a significant amount of time and energy to do so especially if you are preparing a meal for the entire family or for some party or special occasion.

But worry no more here is where enters the electric fish fillet knife to ease all your troubles. These knives work fast and speed up the filleting process. There are some great electric fillet knives in the market these launched by several brands like Rapala, Berkley, Mister Twister, and American Angler. These brands are well known for their premium quality electric knives.

Benefits of Electric Fillet Knives

How are these electric fillet knives going to benefit you? Is that the question lingering in your mind? Then let’s have a look into these amazing benefits of using these knives and how can a best electric fish knife help you while food preparation.

  • The best electric fish fillet knife tends to work much faster and performs even better than any other. It will speed up the filleting process and be the best possible kitchen help that you can ever imagine of.
  • These knives will clean off the scales and the skin with absolute ease and with a wink of an eye in an effortless manner.
  • It can easily slice through the bones of the fish almost like butter.
  • Best appliance to use for filleting larger fishes like tuna or salmon.
  • Comes with several lengths of blade giving you the option of adjusting it according to the size and thickness of the fish.
  • You need to give the most minimum possible effort and most of the work is done by the knife itself.
  • The blades are strong and extremely durable and will not break when you cut through hard bones.
  • The blades are very long lasting if maintained well.
  • Cuts made through the electric knife are fine and has smooth edges.

Electric Knife Info – Why and What Makes Up Your Electric Fillet Knife

Before you consider buying one of these spectacular knives it is important that you know about what it really is and some other general information about the knife.

It is vital to know the details regarding these appliances as that will help you to choose the most ideal one of them all and you can pick the best one out which is important as you want to invest in a knife that is going to last you for a long period of time.


The electric fillet knife is a very powerful kitchen appliance and can sift through the toughest of bones you can imagine of.

Always try to opt-in for the knife that has more power as that will give you the advantage to cut and slice through thick and hard fish bones usually found in the bigger fishes.

Always keep in mind that the power is being provided by the electricity and the knife so your job here is only to direct the knife and control the movement of the blade.

So it is actually an amazing product for anyone who has difficulty to do heavy duty work.

Battery version or cord version

The electric knives come in two different variants but have the same possible job functions. If you are someone who loves to travel and loves fishing and the taste of fresh fish as well then the battery option will be absolutely ideal for you as you can carry that around anywhere with you. The cordless option comes with a very powerful battery made of lithium and also has an additional storage option.

But if you are more of a home cook and love to prepare meals in the comfort of your own kitchen then you can go ahead with the cord variant of the electric knife.

Whether you use the cord or cordless version, both are equally efficient at what they do.

It is made up if shiny and durable metal

Always go for the knife and blade that is made up of stainless steel as that is the strongest and durable material and is also rust proof. Hence it is the ideal option to choose when you are selecting an electric knife.

Top 5 Reviews

American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife Standard Kit

American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife Standard Kit

The American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife Standard Kit is one of the best electric fillet knives in the market at the moment. Its features are extraordinary is very efficient at its job and performs with excellence.

It’s special motor fillets and slices the meat twice as faster than other knives. It has a special component superior drive train that provides the machine with 4 times longevity and durability which is why it has the longest of lifespan than any other.

Even after continuous filleting for hours the machine never tends to get hot due to its advanced airflow design which helps the handset to remain cool for hours.

The EFK professional handset is has a curved blade of 8 inch which is easily replaceable and cuts the fillet with absolute perfection. The best part is that the blade is easily replaceable. This knife is ideal for cutting fish of any size and is a favorite amongst the professionals.

Rapala Fillet Knife – Heavy Duty Electric

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

The Rapala heavy-duty electric fillet knife is a favorite of all due to its excellent performance and efficiency. Just as its mane, the knife comes attached with a heavy duty motor that generates power to slice the meats with perfection. This electric fillet knife is made up of the finest and most superior quality material.

The knife has a replaceable blade which makes it much easy to use for the user and can change it or replace it any time in the future. The blade is extremely sharp and is 7 ½ inches long in length. It cuts fish with twice as much speed as any other and had three times the power of any other electric filleting knife.

Rapala is one of the most renowned brands that are best at manufacturing these specialized knives for professional chefs and cooks. It comes with a cord is also friendly to use at home too by any home cooks.

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala is very much known for the excellent electric knives that they manufacture. Not only are these superior in quality but is extremely durable and lasts for a fairly long time. Their Lithium-Ion cordless electric fillet knife is one of the best you can find in the market.

This Lithium Fillet Knife is cordless and can run continuously up to 80 minutes without losing any of its power. The special Lithium Ion batteries help to provide great speed to slice the fillet with absolute perfection and doesn’t drain out easily as long as the power tends to last it keeps on going on with the same speed.

The best part is that it takes only less than two hours to get fully charged and retains it for a long 80 minutes straight.

Berkley Fillet Knife Deluxe Electric with standard and vehicle plug

Berkley Fillet Knife Deluxe

The Berkley deluxe electric filleting knife is a great appliance for those of you who love fishing and likes to prepare it and cook it yourself instead of going to any shop to get it done.

This knife comes with a standard vehicle plug which makes it ideal for everyone’s use. This knife set comes with two different sized blade od 6 inch and 8 inch and is hence ideal to cut fish of any size you desire.

The blade release buttons are placed on the sides which prevent the blades from getting released accidentally during the filleting process.

The set includes a standard plug of 110 volts and also has a vehicle plug of 12 volts. This is great for any outing and fishing trip and is excellent for picnics as it comes with battery clips as well. If you are someone who loves to go on fishing trips then this one is just for you.   

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

Mister Twister

The mister twister electric knife is another very proficient filleting knife that is very much well known in the market these days.

It has a power of 120 volts and cut through the fish like butter. It has a special blade release feature that is very convenient for everyone’s use.

It has a special built-in safety lock that makes it safe to use fearlessly.

It is very much affordable and is ideal for your kitchen for filleting fish of any size.  


Every one of you who loves fishing and devouring it has to have one of these electric knives at your kitchen. Not only does it gives a professional cut to the fish fillet but it has got amazing safety features as well which makes these brand’s some of the best one amongst hundreds of others in the market. These are an investment that you won’t regret making as these knives tend to last for a very long time if you manage to maintain it well. These brands make their knives with the best possible quality hence these electric choppers are the best one that you can possibly invest your money in.

Do you use one of these electric fillet knives? Let us know how you like it in the comments below!