We all know how overwhelming and difficult it is to hunt down a fillet knife which will live up to your expectations.

Damascus steel knives are considered to have the sharpest and strongest of blades which are ideal for filleting. But which is the best Damascus fillet knife?

There are several Damascus steel blades available in the kitchen aisle of the supermarket but if you don’t know the characteristics of a good Damascus steel then you might end up investing in a knife that will easily fall apart after a certain time.

But if you can identify the best Damascus knife which has been made with the utmost quality of steel then you can rest assured that it will last you a lifetime.

We have come up with all the basics that you need to learn about Damascus steel knives before you invest your hard earned money in it.

The list below will also give you an idea about the best Damascus knives that you can choose from, So without further due, let’s have a look.

What is Damascus Knife?

The history of Damascus steel goes far beyond time to the western cultures and portrays the ancient style of crafting blades and knives that was first originated in the Near East.

Damascus blade is a specially crafted steel which has been made by welding together several blades of swords made from wootz steel. These type of steel was only imported from India or Sri Lanka back then.

These blades have unique patterns of flowing water and are extremely strong and shatterproof.

What makes these knives special is the method of production which is not like any other usual knife. Damascus blades were originally made from wootz steel whose manufacturing process is still unknown to all and is not produced using a replicated material.

Legend has it that the Damascus steel blades can even cut through strong barrels and is brutally sharp, enough to slice a falling hair if it lands on the edge of the blade.

Not only do these knives have a distinct and uncommon look to it but is one of the strongest blades made to date.

Damascus steel is an alloy whose original composition steel remains unknown. Hence, in modern times, these blades are made using several different types of steel and slices of iron by forging them together.

Pros of Damascus Steel (Other than it looks awesome)

Damascus knives are considered to be one of the ideal choices for kitchen use. These blades are made using a blend of metals forged into one and therefore produce a micro-serration on the surface of the blade which is what makes it ruthlessly sharp.

Not just sharp, the combination of an alloy that is used to make the Damascus blade give is a strength and a longer lifespan and makes it almost indestructible.

The moment a carbon Damascus steel is forged and hardened it turns harder and even stronger than stainless steel.

However, you will have to opt-in for a high grade and premium quality Damascus steel If you really want it to be strong. There are some Damascus steel which are made from cheaper material and those are not going to serve you as well and are very weak and brittle.

But if you choose a proper quality Damascus steel made from premium alloys then you are good to go for years without having to invest in other knives.

How to Care for Damascus Steel

If you are someone who owns a Damascus steel knife or are planning on getting one, then you will have to understand the proper ways of caring it if you want to hold onto its sharpness and quality for a long time.

•    Polish the knife

It is very important to polish the Damascus blade if you want it to look as good as new at all times. It is ideal to polish it one every week if you are using it on a regular basis.

However, if you are a not regular user of the knife then make sure to give it a polish in every few months so that dirt cannot build up on the edges of the blade.

Take a bit of toothpaste on a polishing cloth and rub it on the blades. Once it is polished clean it with water and wipe off any remaining droplets.

Make sure to dry the knife well so that the blades do not catch on rust.  

•    Oil the blade

It is necessary to oil the Damascus blade if you want to maintain its shine and gloss for a longer period of time. Oiling the knife will help to retain the gorgeous outlook for years.

•    Clean the blade punctually

As soon as you are done using the Damascus knife make sure that you clean it instantly and don’t leave it on the sink for hours as that can cause the blade to rust.

•    Sharpen the knife occasionally

Although Damascus steel is considered to be one of the strongest around the world it will eventually lose its sharpness over times of usage.

Hence, take it for sharpening occasionally once you feel the blades going a be=it dull during use.

Top 6 Reviews

DALSTRONG Filet Knife – Shogun Series – AUS-10V- Vacuum Heat Treated – 6″


When it comes to kitchen knives no one makes it better than Dalstrong. If you are looking for a premium Damascus knife of the highest quality material than Dalstrong has got just what you need.

The Shogun series by Dalstrong is one of the best Damascus fillet knives in the market and has been crafted with an outstanding cutting edge technology and design.

The knife has been crafted to have the sharpest of the blade with a slanted angle on either sides which helps to slice food without dragging or tearing it.

The best part about the knife is that it is made anti-corrosive by using a nitrogen cooling technique so that your knife retains its shine and sharpness for longer.

The narrow blade is ideal for deboning meat with absolute precision and insignificant drag. This Damascus knife has a special Japanese steel core which gives the knife its strength and makes it unbreakable.

If you are considering buying a Damascus knife it is wise to invest in a high-quality one and not go for the cheaper ones. Although this Dalstrong knife is on a bit pricey end you will not regret it even a bit due to its quality and performance.

Norisada Hammered Damascus Fillet Sujihiki Chef’s Knife 9.5-Inch & Saya Cover

Norisada Hammered Damascus

Fillet knives need to be extremely sharp and durable in order to slice the flesh of the fish away from the bones with precision. Damascus knives are known for their brutally sharp blades and hence is considered ideal for this job.

Norisada Hammered fillet Damascus knife is a professional grade filleting slicer which is preferred by the chef’s worldwide. It is a Sujihiki style filleting knife with a long and narrow blade which is perfect to fillet a moderate to large sized fish.

If you have this knife you will never reach out for any other as you will absolutely fall in love with its performance from the first use. The knife has been built with 16 layers of steel happened and forged together.

The double-edged blade is perfect to slice meat without tearing and causing damage and with the mahogany handle, you can easily keep a perfect balance while slicing and control it with comfort.

The knife also comes with a sheath made out of wood and you can use it to store it safely.  

ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67 Layers Damascus Steel Fish Fillet Knife 8-inch

ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67 Layers Damascus Steel

Japanese Damascus steel knives are one of the best quality that you can find these days. Japanese knives are known for their strength and performance and you will not be disappointed investing in this knife.

ZHEN has made this Damascus knife using 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel that forms the core of the knife and makes it ruthlessly sharp.

The blade size is perfect to fillet a moderately sized fish effortlessly. The knife has been made from a full single tang and is therefore very strong and durable.

The fillet knife has been crafted with a waterproof technology so that you don’t have to deal with any kind of rust or corrosion. If maintained well you can rest assured that this knife will last you a lifetime.

While filleting it is essential that your hand won’t slip off the handle. Hence a pakkawood handle has been used for this blade so that you can hold onto the knife for longer with comfort.

This knife is considerably lower in price compared to the high-end fillet Damascus knives but you will be surely amazed by its superior performance. It will slide through the fish like butter without causing any tear on the flesh.

You will definitely love this knife for its looks and quality given that it comes at a much lower price than many other high-end knife brands.

Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Fillet Knife

Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Fillet Knife With Beautiful Rose Wood Handle

This is a unique knife which has been custom made to fulfill all your requirements. It is a handmade Damascus knife with the most beautiful shining blade with patterns of flowing water.

It has been made with several layers of high-quality steel which makes it extremely sharp and ideal for the job as you cannot fillet properly with a blunt-edged knife.

This knife has a 13-inch blade so if you are a fish lover and love salmon and tuna fillets than worry no more as the long thin blade is sufficient to slice it like butter. The well-riveted handles will prevent slipping and give you a comfortable grip while working.

To help you keep the knife well protected, this knife comes along with its own sheath which is also handmade and great for safety.

Tojiro Flash 6.5-inch Boning/Fillet Knife

Tojiro Flash 6.5-inch Boning-Fillet Knife

If you are someone who is looking for a high-end filleting knife with a breathtaking look and superior performance then we have saved this one just for you.

Not only is this Tojiro flash fillet knife the most elegant looking one that you will lay your eyes on but it is also one of the best in terms of performance that you can find.

The smooth design of the knife provides you with ultimate balance and comfort while working and comes with a shiny Micarta handle that enhances the entire look of the knife.

The blade itself has been crafted out of the best Japanese stainless steel which is ideal for slicing the meat away from the bones effortlessly.

YOUSUNLONG 10 Inch Sashimi Fish Fillet Knife,Japanese VG10 Super Steel 67 Layer High Carbon Stainless Steel

YOUSUNLONG 10 Inch Sashimi Fish Fillet Knife

YOUSUNLONG is well renowned for their craftsmanship in making knives for kitchen and cooking purposes. If you are looking out for an ultra sharp and high-quality Damascus filleting knife than this YOUSUNLONG sashimi filleting knife will surely live up to your expectations.

This knife has a 10-inch length with a narrow blade which is pointed at the top. Its shape makes it an ideal tool for reaching all the critical places to release the meat off of the bones.

Both the sides of the knife has been designed with two unique patterns. One has a hammered pattern which helps to minimize the tear and drag while slicing fish and meat and the other side has a classic Damascus pattern which gives the knife an elegant look.

Not only does this knife look exquisite but its performance will certainly leave you awed. It is a must to purchase the item if you are a passionate cook and want to carve fillet like a professional.


It is the dream of every chef and cooks to be able to carve and cut fish and meat like a professional and these Damascus steel knives will certainly help you to achieve that dream.

The above information will help you acknowledge all the things that you need to know about Damascus steel hence you can easily pick the best knife for your kitchen use.

Do you use one of these knives? Let us know how you like it in the comments below!