We all know how eye-watering expensive it is to get those high-grade knives for your kitchen. You might think you need to spend hundreds of dollars to get those fancy Japanese knives.

It is great to invest in those top-notch knives for filleting or carving, but you will always need to have a pair of knives that you can use on a regular basis for all the other purposes like peeling, paring etc.

A Forschner fillet knife is excellent for all these regular chores around the kitchen. It is a more price friendly kitchen knife but in terms of performance and versatility, these are almost indomitable.

They are super sharp, thin, and lightweight plus are very easy to handle and work with which is what makes them a favorite of most home cooks.

So, if you are looking for some knives that you can buy cheaply and yet get a good value, then you must have a look at these. We have prepared a whole set of information on Forschner knives to help you with the details that you need to know about them.

About Forschner Knives

If you are looking for some great Forschner knives for kitchen use them we have got some great suggestions for you but first, let’s get know all the details regarding the usefulness and purpose of this knives.

Forschner knives are a type of more commercial grade knives and are great for household or kitchen purposes. You can basically find a whole range of this knives is various different styles like boners, skinners, slicers, paring knife and several other models.

These knives are more on the commercially viable side so is affordable and extremely useful around the kitchen work.

Not just around the house, if you are a hunter than you must a have a Forschner knife as it is great for skinning and processing small sized games.

These knives are generally manufactured in Switzerland by the brand Victorinox and are super handy in the kitchen of any home cook or a professional chef or in any butcher shop.

Buy Knives in Sets or Individual?

While going on a hunt for purchasing knives for your kitchen it is often confusing to make a decision about whether to buy the knife in a set or in individual pieces.

When it comes to Forschner knives, the sellers often sell them at a range of several different packages. Often it is ideal to buy knife individually rather than buying a whole set as that allows you to pick the one of your choice and preferred quality and feature.

So if you are looking forward to buying an expensive knife for a particular purpose, like a filleting knife, or a Japanese slicing knife, then you can get that and add on a Forschner knife as supplements as these are much cheaper than knives that are made to serve specific purposes. It works as a good strategy for building a kitchen knife set individually.

However, if you are not reluctant on spending hundreds on expensive branded single-purpose knives, then you can choose the option of getting a set of Forschner knives which comes at a great price and also contains all the knives that you will need in the kitchen.

Forschner Knife Reviews

Forschner Fillet 8-Inch Knife

Forschner 40711 Fillet 8-Inch Knife Stiff Blk Fibrox Handle

If you are a home cook then you will love this tool for your kitchen. This Victorinox Forschner knife is 8 inches in length and is perfect for cutting fillets of delicate fish away from their spine.

When you look out for a filleting knife it is important to choose one that is very sharp and durable and resilient and this one has all of those qualities.

It is razor sharp and can slice through the meat like butter and create perfect cuts of meat or fish effortlessly plus with precision edges.

It is very lightweight and handy tool which comes with an ergonomically made synthetic handle to help you have a good grip on it while filleting.

The best part is the price for all this feature is extremely affordable and you get a great value for money on this knife. If you are a new cook and are looking forward to building your kitchen knife set then you must give this filleting knife a try and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Victorinox Forschner 8″ Straight Knife

Victorinox MAP Boning Knife

A knife with a straight blade is extremely essential for the kitchen and if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollar on purchasing a single knife then you must have a look at this Victorinox Forschner straight blade knife.

This knife is ideal for slicing, dicing and cutting portions of meat. This Victorinox knife has been crafted with the finest quality of stainless steel blade that can easily chop and slice through any fruit, vegetable or meat or dish effortlessly.

As this knife has been made with high-grade steel the blade, it is very strong and durable, which is what everyone looks for in a good quality kitchen knife.

We can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the performance of this knife. Not only is it strong but it is very sharp and lightweight, which makes it a favorite of most home cooks.

This knife is very easy to handle and you can work with it for hours without any kind of hassle or discomfort.  

Forschner/Victorinox 5″ Rosewood Handle Curved Boning Knife, Semi-Stiff

Forschner-Victorinox 5- Rosewood Handle Curved Boning Knife

If you are building your own customized kitchen knife set then a boning knife is a must to include in the list and this Forschner 40016 will be the best to choose.

Not only does it retail at a great price but is best at its performance amongst many others. The shape and size of this knife are ideal to carve the meat away from the bones with precision.

This semi-stiff curved blades of the knife work as a great tool to carve steaks and can cut leans slices of any of meat, pork, poultry or fish.

The handle has been constructed out of rosewood which is great material for knife hands and avoids your hand from slipping during carving and is very comfortable to work for long hours.

Hence, if you are searching for an affordable carving knife then you must give this one consideration.


Getting a good knife set is very essential to function well in the kitchen. Forschner knives are the top choice many home cooks due to their high quality and performance, which you can attain at a very affordable price range.

The best part is that you can purchase these knives as a set or individually as per your convenience. These are great everyday tools and ideal for filleting, deboning and slicing.

The above options will certainly help you select the ideal Forschner knife for your kitchen use and also help you understand their functions.

Do you use one of these knives? Let us know how you like it in the comments below!