The kitchen is the heart and soul of a house or a home and preferably the sacred place of your household as well. But what makes the kitchen such a significant part of our lives is its cookware. The ideal set of cookware is a must-have essential and an integral part of your kitchen and even your daily life considering that is what you use on a regular basis to make delicious meals for your family. But worry no more, as we have come up with the list of the best stainless steel cookware brands that are high in quality and performance and which will last you ages.

Hence, it is crucial that you choose your cookware well. Good quality cookware will last serve you year after year while a bad one will be a burden on your soul every single day. However, it can be a slight bit daunting sometimes to select the ideal, long-lasting and durable stainless steel cookware for your kitchen counter.

A- Clad, Anolon, Calphalon, Cuisinart, T-Fal, and Farberware are 6 of the top cookware brands in the market. These six brands are the market leader and rule over the cookware industry for the amazing quality of products they create. So without further due let’s have a look into it.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Cookware

Well, the question often tends to cross the minds of several that why to choose stainless steel when it comes to cookware. With so many different materials out there ranging from heavy ceramic to aluminum, stainless steel is considered to be the most ideal and long-lasting cookware amongst all.

Here are a few advantages that we have especially gathered up for you to guide you through the process of understanding the significance of stainless steel in cooking ware.

  1. Durability: In comparison to any other cookware material stainless steel is the strongest considering it is one of the best alloys that is strong and not prone to rust or corrosion and hence is truly one of the most durable cookware you can come across.
  2. Appearance: When it comes to choosing the best looking cookware you cannot look away from stainless steel. It’s shiny and mirror finish appearance gives it an appealing look that is a vision to look at.
  3. Maintaining: Stainless steel is the easiest to clean and wash amongst all and can be easily washed with detergent and warm water without having to scour or scratch the pan. The best part is that it is dishwasher safe which is a life saver feature in cookware.
  4. Price: The price of stainless steel cookware is simply the cherry on top as it is extremely achievable and very budget friendly. In spite of having such high quality and durable, the price is still attainable by all.

What To Look For When Buying Stainless Steel Cookware

A pan is something that we all use on a regular day to day basis. But do we know the significance and function of each of its parts? It is very unlikely. But to put the pan into ideal use and maintain its quality for the longer time frame it is vital to know and understand the parts of the pan.

An efficient cook needs to know what they are cooking on. The math is pretty simple here, if you don’t know what you’re cooking on, you won’t be able to do that job correctly neither maintain the longevity of the cookware.

A usual pan consists of eight very significant parts. Let’s have a look into the detail of each and their pros and cons as well:

  • Body: This is the part where we cook the meal on and which conducts the heat from the stove. The material used for the body is very crucial to know as each element has different heat conductivity which can affect the cooking process as well as the food. While a stainless steel body will be ideal and perfect to cook any meal and won’t react with the food as well, non-stainless steel or copper or iron body will react with any acidic food and affect eh taste of it.
  • Handle: The handle is what makes or breaks the pan, after all, it is what is the most vital part of it but is important that you choose the proper handle. A metal handle will be extremely difficult to work with as it will get heated up with the body. Therefore it is ideal to choose a silicon coated or wooden handle to avoid convection heating and have a spectacular cooking experience.
  • Rivet: Rivets are what joins and cements different parts of the pan together. Although it is only a tiny knob but is the most strong part of the pan. It joins the handle to the pan itself and supports it throughout the pan’s lifespan. Hence while buying the pan you must look out for strong rivets.
  • Rim: Have you had trouble pouring the meal or the dish into a serving bowl? Well, that is exactly what the rims are for. The slight bent out rim on the edge of the pan makes it a lifesaver while tossing or pouring the contents in the pan. Otherwise, all the ingredients would go haywire while the cooking process.
  • Core: This is that layer over the base of the cookware which usually comes in a variety of different materials. These layers can be of stainless steel, aluminum or copper. The significance of this part is its range of conductivity. Hence, it is always ideal to choose the core material that has proficient heat conductibility so that the food cooks in the pan uniformly.
  • Base: It is exemplary to choose an even based for smooth top pan or electric range. A flat base makes it ideal for the pan to conduct heat evenly and even for those using induction heat to cook. A wrinkled or unflattened base which makes it difficult for the heat to spread consistently and affect the food as well.
  • Sides: The upright sides of a pan is what makes it ideal for stews and simmering foods. The slight blazed sides will be extremely helpful for cooking liquid items and help them evaporate well.
  • Cookware surface: There are several varieties of cookware surfaces for you to choose from but choosing the ideal one is what’s vital. Each type of surface has its pros and some cons as well. While the nonstick pan is a dream to cook at you need to be careful not to use steel utensils that may scratch its surface. Stainless steel is an ideal option for braising but needs to be maintained so keep its mirror finish and shine.

Best Brand For Stainless Steel Cookware


KitchenAid. Just hearing that word brings me peace of mind and makes me think of high-quality dinners with minimal effort. You will probably agree that KitchenAid products make cooking easier, quicker and a lot more enjoyable.

But maybe you are not so familiar with the brand KitchenAid and are looking for some background information to help you decide whether or not to purchase from this brand. So look no further, let me explain some of the pros and cons of their cookware products so that you can make the best decision.


  • Some of the best features of KitchenAid cookware is that they can handle the heat as they can be used in the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Their cookware is dishwasher safe (that’s a time saver).
  • Kiss goodbye to burns too as the handles on KitchenAid cookware stay nice and cool.
  • Pots and pans falling apart are a thing of the past with this brand too as the handles are welded into place, making them durable.

So you may now be thinking, is there anything not to like about KitchenAid cookware? Here is a list of a few things to bear in mind before making a purchase.


  • As they are stainless steel they are more tricky to clean than nonstick pans, but if you are willing to put in a little extra elbow grease then they will shine up like new.
  • While their cookware is very robust, you do have to take care and use the right utensils with them as they have been known to scratch easily and lose that initial shine.

But considering all the information mentioned above, KitchenAid is a very reliable brand and with a little TLC (for example using rubber or plastic utensils when cooking with them rather than metal) their cookware will definitely last you.  


Farberware is a renowned cookware manufacturer company found in the 1900s. The Farberware stainless steel cookware set is the true and ideal match for your kitchen top and a spectacular tool to cook your meals in.

The set is a unique combination of stainless steel pots and pans specially coated with a non- stick layer to assist you in cooking effortlessly and heats up very quickly.

The stainless steel component is what makes the cookware set extremely durable and doesn’t chip or flake out easily. Not just that, this Farberware set is dishwasher friendly and oven proof as well to 350 degrees. The handles are porcelain protected that makes it a dream to cook your meals at.

If we talk about the appearance of the set, the curved lids of the pans give it a stylish outlook and the entire set comes in a posh and classy black color.

However, the only part to be concerned about is the nonstick coating in the pans which will have to be maintained and kept away from scoring or scratching. Using wooden utensils would be ideal for the nonstick pans. The porcelain handles are what avoids it from having a higher oven limit but otherwise, the set is extremely versatile and ideal for any new homeowners or cooks.


all clad stainless cookware

When we talk about cookware it is hard to miss out the name of All-Clad. All-Clad makes the most unique and versatile range of anodized cookware of the proficient quality and of different materials and lines.

Their stainless steel cookware set includes a variety of kitchen wares ranging from non-stick pans and pots. All-Clad is famous for their specially designed pots and pans with a textured cooking surface made of stainless steel.

The non-stick technology incorporated into the cookware prevents the food from clinging into the pan while the stainless steel surface makes it durable easy to clean. These are very high-end luxury cookware for your kitchen and of the most prominent quality imaginable.

The All-Clad copper line is considered to be one of the finest in the market with the best heating technology and performance. The scratch resistance technology they have incorporated in their cookware is what wins everyone’s heart.

Although  All-clad cookware is one of the finest and the most pricey ones in the market. Their price tag is considerably the big drawback for this brand as not many can reach out for it. If you would want to invest into top-quality cookware then this is your ideal match.


t-fal stainless cookware

T-Fal is a brand that makes one of the most major cookware lines that consists of every single imaginable kitchenware you can think of. Their product line ranges from stainless steel to non- stick ceramic pans with PTFE nonstick surface for cooking.

T- Fal cookware sets come in manufactured using strong anodized aluminum with the PTFE feature that prevents food from sticking into the pan. The cookware completely avoids components of Teflon toxicity and has a special thermo indicator of heat which is supposed to change the color of the pan as an indication of being preheated. The silicon handles make it easier to manage while cooking as it prevents it from heating up.  The pots and pans are of high quality and long lasting if maintained well.

While the T- Fal offers the best featured and huge range of cookware products some of its features are yet to exaggerating.

The thermo indicating technology is a rather overstated feature. The food in the pan makes it difficult to see any indication of heat change or rise and considering the color change is very slight and hard to observe.

Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews

calphalon stainless cookware

The high-quality anodized cookware set by Calphalon is made up of aluminum by the method of anodization. The anodization of the aluminum makes the material stronger and more durable.

These cookware sets are made with a special anti-corrosive technology which prevents it from extensive wear and tears over time. The best part is that it will not tend to react with the food while you are cooking as many other metal pans tend to do and provide you with an overall efficient, hassle-free and healthy cooking experience.

They have a versatile range of cookware with the most dramatic price ranges starting from $10 to even a high price of over $130.

The higher the price the better the quality that they tend to offer. Given the condition that the pans and pots are made of a mirror finish stainless steel surface, it is extremely prone to scratch.

Hence, you will have to be cautious about scratching the pans and need to keep it highly maintained if you would like to hold on to its longevity.

Anolon Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews

anolon stainless cookware

If you are looking out for cookware with a non- stick feature and which is strong and ionized then Anolon advanced anodized cookware is the ideal option for you. Anolon manufactures it’s cookware by anodizing aluminum to make it stronger, durable and long lasting.

The utensils are made up of a heavy gauge which makes the heat distribution uniform throughout the pan so that the food is cooked evenly. They put special silicon coating on the stainless steel handles of the pans to make the cooking experience comfortable and hassle-free.

The ovenproof technology really makes it an ideal option for any home cook or professional chefs as well. Not to mention, it has a special autograph 2 nonstick coating throughout the interior and exterior of the pan which makes the cooking process much easier and faster.

However, it does have some significant drawbacks as well. Like many other modern cookware, Anolon doesn’t offer a dishwasher friendly feature which is a must-have characteristic in today’s cookware. Additionally, it is unsafe to use under the boiler as well as it can ruin the autograph 2 coating.

A very significant con of Anolon cookware is that it is not compatible with induction stoves hence wouldn’t be ideal for many who prefer this particular cooking method.


cuisinart stainless cookware

This brand offers high-quality stainless steel cookware with matching handles and lids. The outlook portrays a classic shiny mirror finish look which makes it extremely stylish and appealing.

If we dig into the performance evaluation of the cookware it has some very significant appraisals. The stainless steel feature makes it extremely durable and strong and all the cookware they provide are dishwasher safe which avoids it from getting scoured and scratched.

It is safe to use in the oven with a high-temperature setting and the rolled designs of the rims make it easier to pour and slide the ingredients in the pots and pans.

However, this brand doesn’t tend to offer their range of cookware at moderate level prices. The cost of these tends to go really high which makes it a big issue for some to invest in.

But if you are willing to make a lifelong investment into cookware then this is the ideal brand to choose.


Each of these six stainless steel cookware brands offers significant and a range of features which makes them unique. Considering the fact that these are the top-notch brands for cookware the price is something to watch out for.

But you can rest assured that once you invest into these cookwares it is certain to last you for ages as these are extremely prominent in quality.

Do you use one of these stainless steel brands? Let us know how you like it in the comments below!